Our approach is client centered, curious, comfortable with complexity, and culturally competent.

Client Centered

No two projects are ever the same. We collaborate with our clients at the beginning of each project to identify the core questions that need to be answered or the problems to solve. We then tailor our approach to make sure that the information and services we provide are relevant and useful. Consistent communication ensures the work remains on target and there are no big surprises.


What story will your data tell? Which elements of this program are working well and where are there challenges? What are the best practices in the field? Has anyone else encountered a similar trend? How will this be received  by the community and other stakeholders? We bring a natural curiosity, and a desire to understand and frame what we learn in ways that help our clients move forward confidently. 

Comfortable with Complexity

Sometimes there isn't an obvious path straight forward. Projects and organizations have many moving parts. We're comfortable working in complex landscapes and on projects that require thinking outside of the box and using non-traditional approaches to move forward. We pride ourselves on being flexible and responsive throughout the entire life of the project.

Culturally Competent 

Our team has been fortunate enough to work with people of many different backgrounds from many different places. We practice cultural humility, recognizing that cultural competence is not an end goal but a lifelong process of reflection and engagement. We bring awareness of our own cultural lens and constantly reflect on our assumptions. We are also sensitive to the fact that language and imagery are powerful tools and must be chosen with care.