Our services help organizations strengthen their programs and increase their impact. We provide guidance and expertise at all stages from planning and implementation to monitoring, assessment and evaluation.

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We believe information should drive
action. What does your organization need to know?

» Needs assessments
» White papers
» Literature reviews
» Policy analysis
» Focus groups
» Landscape analysis
» Community assessments
» Surveys
» Key informant interviews
» Custom projects


Be clear about goals and desired outcomes. Design programs to meet those goals. Determine how you'll know you're on the right track. Use limited resources effectively and responsibly.

» Strategic planning
» Program design
» Program development
» Meeting facilitation                                                        » Project management





Understand your impact. We have many tools to monitor, assess and evaluate  programs and their impact.  We work with our clients to  identify what works, as well as where improvements are needed. We provide technical assistance for clients who want to learn how to use data effectively and formal evaluation reports for funders. 

» Continuous quality improvement                       » Data collection & analysis
» Data dashboards
» Program assessment
» Program evaluation